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This document describes the application functionality. If you need further help please use the support email address.

Main Screen

When you start the application you will be presented with the current day information. At the top you have buttons that allow you to quickly start / stop an action. 
Bellow the top buttons there is the information of the last feeding as well as the time passed since it. 
There is also a button to change the day that is being displayed (note: the application will always jump to the current day if any action is done).
Bellow, you have the list of actions. And, at the bottom, your baby information.

Remove an entry

In order to remove an entry, just long click on the desired row and select the Remove option.

Edit an entry

In order to edit an entry, long click on the desired row and select the Edit option. In the screen that will be displayed, every detail of the action can be edited:

Edit an entry

Context Menu

In order to access the context menu, just press the MENU button on your device when at the main screen.

This will give you access to the following functionality:
  1. Actions: Exports/Imports, Synchronization, etc
  2. Statistics about your baby's feedings
  3. Settings: application configuration


In the screen you can access statistic information about your baby's feedings.

In the top two buttons you can select a date interval to be analysed. By default, the last 7 days are considered. After you select the desired date interval you must press the "CALCULATE" button. All data bellow will be updated.

Data displayed:
- Average Breast Feeding Time
- Average Bottle Time
- Average Food Time
- Average Time Between meals"

It is also possible to share the statistics information via email. In order to do that, just press the "Menu" key and choose the option "Share". This will generate an email with the statistics that are being displayed in the screen.

Baby Configuration

When you first start up the application you should configure your baby information. To access this configuration there are two ways:
  1. Long press in the baby bottom bar in the main view (see here.)
  2. Trough the settings menu. Just press the MENU key in the device, select Settings and then in the Baby Information tab select Configure

Baby Configuration

You can then specify the name and date of birth of your baby. You can also insert a photo that will be displayed in the bottom bar of the main menu screen and that can optionally be uploaded to the web site (if you configure the device to publish a web page).
There are two ways to set up the photograph:
  1. Select an image from the SD card
  2. Use your device camera to take a photo directly
After setting up your baby's info, it should now be displayed at the bottom of the main screen.

Historic Configuration

It is possible to configure the device to automatically delete the oldest entries. This can be useful to save memory on the device as well as make the synchronizations faster.
In order to access this configuration, go to Settings (pressing the MENU button in the Main view) and select Historic options in the Data Options separator.

Historic configuration dialog

You have several choices of historic. The last one is to keep all the data.
Note that at the bottom of the screen, status information about your data will be displayed.

Export / Import From/To SD card

It is possible to backup the data in the SD card by exporting the information into a .csv file. In order to do this, go to the "Actions" menu and select "Export to SD Card". A .csv file will be generated in /sdcard/baby_feeding/baby_feeding.csv.

Then, you can re-load the file back to the application by choosing "Import from SD Card". Note: The application will search for the file  /sdcard/baby_feeding/baby_feeding.csv.

Email Report

You can also email a report of your baby's feeding for the past few days. Select "Email Report" in the action menu.

This will generate an email with all the entries of the last 4 days.


This option will erase ALL data stored in the application.

Synchronization of devices

There are two options to synchronize android devices.

Through email

In the main screen press the Menu key and go to Actions. Then use the Share option. An email will be generated containing a .csv file as attachment. This file contains all the information in your device and can be imported by another device. In the reviewer phone just download the .csv file and place it in your SD card in the application folder /sdcard/baby_feeding. Then, simply go to the application and hit the Menu key, then choose Actions and use the "Import from SD card" option. Note: This process will replace all data in the device with the one received.

Through FTP

There is another option that makes the process simpler. If you have a ftp server (there are several free services online), you can configure it in the Settings -> Web -> Settings. Set up the server address, your user name and password. After setting up your account, press the "Test FTP Configuration" button. If everything is correct, you should see the message: "FTP Configuration Ok!" in green. If not, check the error and correct the configuration.

FTP Account Configuration

It is also possible to set up the device to automatically publish the data to the ftp server. Each time the data is modified (a new entry added, edited or removed). In order to do this, just check the Check Box in the same configuration menu (Settings -> Web -> Settings).

Publish web site

It is possible to configure the application to also publish an html page with the last days log to the same ftp server. If the server offers web access, than this can be a fun way to share information about your baby with your relatives. Just point them to the URL on your server and each time the data is published (either manually or automatically), the web site is updated.
In order to do this, your FTP service must offer web access. Then, just configure the ftp account as described in the Synchronization chapter and then check the "Publish Web Site" Check Box.
It is possible to easily change the layout of the generated web page by supplying a stylesheet. This is optional.
It is also possible to configure the device to use the currently loaded photo of your baby on the web page. Just check the "Publish Current Photo" option.
Note: If you set up the application to auto publish data (see the Synchronization chapter), the web site will also be automatically updated.

Web site configWeb site


The supplied widget allows to quickly check the feeding status of your baby right in your android desktop. Both the time of the last event and also the time since that event will be displayed.
It is also very useful for the breast feeding days as it allows to introduce a new entry with just one click on your desktop. Very convenient for mid night feedings! ;)


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