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Tiago Estima

Main Features

  • Log your baby's feedings times very easily
  • Record history of your baby's feedings
  • Synchronize the information in several android devices
  • Share the information through email
  • Publish the information in a web site
  • Widget to allow you to have it in your android desktop
  • Analyse statistics of your baby eating habits
  • Backup all data to the SD card


Baby Feeding for Android was developed to simplify the task of keeping track of your baby's feeding times. It allows you to log the feeding activities in a very practical way. It was designed to be extremely easy to introduce new entries.
If, like me, you find yourself struggling in the middle of the night to remember when was the last time you fed your baby, then this application might be for you. If you have to feed the baby every 3 hours and you are short on sleep hours, then you most likely need a help!

The application will always tell you the time since you last fed your baby, at what time it was, etc.
It will also allow you to synchronize several android devices to see the same information. This can be useful if one of the parents is working and wants to keep track of the baby feeding.
If you want to keep all you relatives informed, just set up the application to publish all the information to a web site and just send them the link.

Application Requirements

  • Android >= 1.5
  • Screen resolution >= HVGA
  • SD Card installed

Personal Motivation

The idea for this application happened in the first days we spent in the hospital when our first child was born. After one or two nights, it became obvious that we needed a tool to keep track of the baby feeding times.
I tried to use the tools available in the android market. But none met our expectations. They were not practical at all. And to fill screens of information and search for buttons in the middle of the night is not at all what I was hoping for.
So, being a developer myself, I started to write my own application.
The features in the program were introduced in the course of the first 4 months of my baby. The synchronization was developed because, after a month at home, I had to go to work and wanted to keep track of the feeding historic of the baby.

Hope this application is as useful for you as it is for me,
Tiago Estima

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